Friday, March 1, 2013

A Guest Post: Women Magazine

Hello everyone! I have some more exciting news today: 
The editor of Women Magazine posted 2 of my recipes on the blog. If subscribers like it, there may be more regular posting opportunities of my recipes either on their blog or even in the magazine!

I wasn't especially familiar with Women Magazine but after reading several issues, I am very impresses. Here's what I found out: Women Magazine initially began as a monthly for women recovering from cancer, gradually "morphing" into a health, prevention and fitness approach while retaining some of its focus on managing and recovering from cancer. 

My recipe for barley, pine nut & currant salad can be seen HERE.


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    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I think I must be on a roll this month. New article about my cooking and recipes is in the March issue of Costco Connection Magazine following my being interviewed by Georgia Orcutt. Just had a short essay about regrets accepted for publication, and I'll be presenting at the AROHO Retreat at Ghost Ranch. Gee, maybe that "butt-in-chair" is finally working? Hope you're moving forward with you amazing poetry?


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