Friday, December 21, 2012

Year End Gratitude Thoughts From Ketchum, Idaho

Last week I drove from Chicago, Illinois – where I live, across a big chunk of America so many of us never, ever see. My destination -Sun Valley, Idaho where I’ll be spending the holidays, teaching three memoir writing workshops, and editing my short story collection. All this will occur while I’m enjoying the amazingly pristine scenery and winter snow of the American Northern Rocky Mountains. Arriving after the 1,746 miles in two and a half days with my two gigantic dogs, I was crabby and exhausted.
It was at that moment when I decided to leave my unpacking and instead, to take a long walk in newly fallen snow. I watched my dogs bound through powdery drifts for the sheer fun of it, chase each other, burrow their heads deep into tunnels and emerge covered in crystals. Suddenly, I realized that I was smiling, realized that my mood had lifted tremendously and realized, especially, how incredibly grateful I am to have such tremendous opportunities!

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