Thursday, October 13, 2011

About the Writer to Writer collaboration:

Much like the fable about six blind men surrounding an elephant – each in a different location and hence, a different interpretation and perspective of what it was they had encountered, so it was with all of us at Ghost Ranch. For some, our experience was a tree, whose base was comprised of rough crevices; for others, it was a swinging vine or a giant moss covered mountain.  But even with all of us in the same place, we were moved in very different, yet incredibly meaningful, ways. 
Four of us who met determined to maintain the inspiration absorbed at Ghost Ranch. It was there that we conceived of a collaborative project – to interview each woman who had attended the retreat. So far, the four of us have answered the interview questions. During the coming months, we’ll be posing these same questions to each of the women who attended the AROHO retreat.  They’ll be posted on the AROHO (A Room of Her Own) blog.  To read about AROHO, see .

In the meantime, I’ve posted our own responses to the interview questions.  Tania interviewed Barbara and Tania was interviewed by Lisa Rizzo and Lisa was interviewed by me, but then Lisa interviewed me and so it will go!

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